It doesn’t come with instructions, study guides, hidden codes, or delicious fortune cookies with encouraging words printed on a pinky sized piece of paper.

Some of us find our way through hard work, research, experience, wisdom, education, determination, pain and suffering, etc… Many ways!

My point is… Life is what you make it.
Like many I was in a rut and confused as to what my true purpose was in life, but one thing I’ve always carried with me and that is hope. No, I’m not one to consult on how to go from nothing to something, but I believe in me, and you should always believe in you. There’s nothing you can’t do.

Life can be challenging, but that’s okay! Never let the unbalanced injustices that plague society stop you from being great. You can be whatever you want to be in this life. Sky’s the limit. Never make excuses.

I use to beat myself up all the time over meaningless situations, heartbreaks, self inflicted pain, and even go as far as allowing myself to be depressed over unnecessary positions that would only result in silly behavior. I say to you my friends, don’t allow yourself to fall short of greatness. Life is amazing and there’s always an end to the maze.

Believe in you, set goals, and never look back.

Yours forever,