Well, hello, folks!

As I thought of how I wanted to put this post into words…I thought…hmm…this could go both ways (men & women). But before I go into my post, let me act like I have some manners. *ahem* How ya’ll doing? Summer is here. You ready? Do you have any trips or parties planned? Me? One trip planned and my school struggle continues. All is good though. Better to move in a forward position than be stuck, stupid, and wack. But I digress.

Do you have that one friend that can’t quite get their life together? Not in the sense that they’re a bum, but that it is a must that they’re always in someone else’s business and can’t quite stay in their lane? Like I mentioned earlier, I was going back and forth with this post because I initially thought to target the ladies with this one, but with today’s current state of non-adaptive men….This here post is for any and all.

Where was I? Oh, yes…..

These people will lose sleep in an effort to make someone else’s life miserable. At no point do they care who they hurt or how they go about obtaining gossip, these busy bitches have absolutely no chill. They are something like a Debby Downer, mixed with a nag – their foolishness never stops. And…You asked yourself right…The appropriate title for these wack-tards is Busy Bitch. You can’t step-out without them stalking someone’s social media, talking down about couples, complaining, or needing this and that. They stay acting up, right? You sometimes think, hmmm…maybe this mf needs to get laid, but then you think of how awful their sex might be. We have to assume that people who find it necessary to be in everyone’s busy as borderline, if not 100% psycho. I get it… Some people think they are fulfilling a service when they snitch or divulge into someone’s business. Nope. You’re not. You’re making things worse, bruh. Sit down somewhere. Expand your mind, adopt a pet, volunteer, and if your precious heart still won’t allow you to find some business of your own…well…might I suggest walking the plank?

Who are we to blame for these busy bitches? The housewives show? The Kardashians? Social media? It seems people need to know any and everything in 2017. Whatever happened to healthy levels of mysticism? And it works different in men than in women. Though both parties can be catty, I guess it depends on the situation and how that person goes about their foolishness. In the end, don’t be petty.

Mind. Your. Own.

So… If I can be of any help whatsoever…Let me offer my two cents and a hot pickle…The next time you think to slide into someone else’s business, just don’t. Don’t do it. Donate your life to charity. Leave folks alone.