Corporate America is a place that doesn’t care whether you’re under the weather, poor, going through a divorce, down on your luck, dealing with the loss of a loved one, giving birth, or dying. God forbid there’s a natural disaster in your city that day and for safety reasons you think it’s better to callout, take shelter, or that you might have to actually SAVE YOUR LIFE! You’re not putting the business over that natural disaster?! So you know this will be a note in the system. I’ve personally experienced corporate America tell a co-worker who was scheduled for work but was calling-out before the shift because this person had just been involved in a severe car accident – Sooo… are you still coming in today or should we mark you down as a no show? Mind you, there was no jive to this person’s story, as it was so severe that it made the local news. That supervisor wasn’t concerned if they were okay, injured, or functional, but more what big brother taught him and that was to focus on the needs of the business. Essentially that co-worker was marked in the system as something equivalent to a no call no show. That same co-worker later sued our place of employment for some undisclosed situation and won. I think it is safe to say he sued for something that pertained to the company being at fault.

And how about those good ol sick and vacation hours? Corporate America entices the work force with time-off options, but tries to control how and when you should take those days. Try taking those days too often or consecutively and that just might trigger a disciplinary action. Fucked up, right?

In no way am I promoting the art of being lazy or how working is overrated, but I truly believe in a sustainable work-life balance. Think about your current situation. You work your ass off and big brother thinks they’re doing you a favor by having company picnics, offering you coffee and cups, maybe giving you discounts on company products (if they sell stuff), restroom breaks, fancy pins to clip on your shirt, observing your anniversary dates with cute emails and breakroom billboard happy faces under that chicken-shit picture they made you take, maybe slide a $50 bonus in your bank account here and there and expect you to forget that the CEO received $20-mill in salary for the current year while the company barebacked you with no lube, and don’t try asking for a raise after your boss puts more work on you – the response might be – just be lucky you have a job. Really? Thanks for the awesome ass-fuck, bruh!

Most countries find Americans to be nothing short of crybaby bitches (which might be true), but there is actually a wonderful working class who deserve more than the things I stated above. Not so much in the form of bonuses, recognition, praise, or pleasure – many people just want more time with their families, not to be treated like useless bingo cards, and treated like they’re actually human beings!

Let’s be realistic, you have to earn the fruits from labor, but picking apples shouldn’t be like picking cotton pre the cotton gin. Tell this to the people who work in American factories and warehouses who deal with the stresses of big corporations who monitor their every move while on the clock like prison guards monitored inmates in the early 1900s, gun in hand, ready to shoot when someone doesn’t follow the company’s policy. These practices and many more are not only in the United States, but taken to other countries via American companies and executed to levels that are knowingly…..not cool.

Put yourself in situations that will allow you to flourish and achieve realistic goals.

Yours forever,