What up, folks. I hope all is well and your days have been pleasant.

I know you’re saying to yourself… two pastor’s back to back?  Well, it wasn’t done intentionally, not that it’s a bad thing either. Luck of the draw.

When I conduct podcast interviews, most of which have been recorded at least a month or two in advance (secrets revealed), I typically don’t pick which interview to publish based on any method in particular. I’d like to think that every interview is worth the listeners time, as I definitely put a lot effort into producing a good product. Since I started this podcast stuff I can now say that I have a database of interviews. So I pick interviews as I edit. The more interviews the better! Keeps the show rocking, right?

Rev. Micah Glenn is a childhood friend of mine. I wasn’t aware of his call to God until recently (several months) and I thought it would be super-cool to have a sit down and learn about his journey.

Prior to my interview with Micah, it had been quite some time since we last saw one another. Obviously so much had changed in our lives since the good ol days, but he appeared to be on the straight and narrow. His auspicious spirit waves throughout our conversation and it’s apparent that he seeks to achieve the best in his works and those around him. We touch on an array of issues, dive into his pre and post seminary moments, and talk about his current project.

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Alumni highlight from the class of 2016 … Rev. Micah Glenn