Earlier this year I had the privilege to sit and talk with two veteran deejays based out of St. Louis, MO, DJ Epic + Spontaneous Mixx -combined they are, PartyFovl Krew. Both dive into their beginnings, share personal experiences, and how they view the art deejaying.

As a former DJ it is always a privilege to the learn the backstory of fellow DJs. Call me crazy (you better not), but there’s something about a setup (turntables, vinyl, headphones, mixer) that fires me up! I love it. I also enjoyed being an entertainer. Most DJs are like athletes – some are only good at offense, other defense. I personally made it my business to be an all-around DJ. Practice makes perfect. I practiced for hours, every day. Like every art, it requires dedication. Whether you’re a turntablist, club DJ, or for hire, understanding music knowledge is one of the keys to success.

And you thought being a DJ was the easiest thing on the planet… NOT!

Respect the art. Develop your craft.

For more info on PartyFovl, visit their socials below.

DJ Epic

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Spontaneous Mixx

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