You know the sayings…. “Enjoy life now because you never know when you’ll be gone. Life is too short. Enjoy the party, because you never know when it will be your last.”

My guest on this episode, Justin Fantroy, probably thought he would never utter such things. Instead of enjoying the development of his young son, at , he was dealing with the possibility death. Many of us complain about traffic, work, what’s on sale at Target, or how our shoes look – Justin was more concerned about living and being there for his family. As much as we see and hear situations like Justin’s, tell ourselves we will live and do better, we don’t. In this case it is easier said than done to respect the life we are given. It doesn’t cost us a dime to live right and be mindful of the gifts we are given. It shouldn’t take the passing of a close friend or relative for us to realize right from wrong. In some cases we can’t help what our body has decided to process, but before that time comes we need to know that we did everything we could to prevent the inevitable.

I first met Justin some time ago, far, far away in another galaxy. We were young fools, figuring out our purpose, enjoying good times for what they were. Our humor was similar, shared logic, and seemed to always keep in touch. It had been quite some time since I last saw Justin, so when he decided to do the interview I was thrilled to see my old pal. I knew before I hit the record button we would have carried on with at least 30 minutes of banter and foolishness as an icebreaker. He seemed to be in good spirits. It was as if we saw each other the other day. Good times were had and I enjoyed every minute with my pal, my friend. What made our interview so special was where we recorded – in his kitchen! He poured me a double shot of Buffalo Trace, neat, and we began the show. From beginning to end it was live and direct, never a dull moment.

I look forward to our many years of friendship, the growth of his son, and family.

Thanks again, Justin!

To learn more about Justin and his journey, check out his website here