Art…. What is it to you?

Art is a challenging discipline to explain, but there’s something to be said about honing a craft and creating an extension of your personality. Artist are weird, strange, misunderstood, moody, beautiful, one of a kind, and delicate. What would the world be without artist? Despite the hard road art paves, when done right, it can create some of the most beautiful stuff you’ve ever seen. What is art to you? For me, it is a beat of the heart, body, and soul. To know art is to understand the unknown. Art is selfless, pure, evolution, and pain. Ask yourself… are you able to function daily without art?

F. Reed Brown, actor, director, choreographer, and artistic director. I recently had a sit-down with the writer of Green Eggs & Hamlet. Reed is one of those artists who has a mind that you can appreciate. His specialty is theatre, so you can imagine some of the characters that roam around in his thoughts. Which says a lot about stage and the process that comes with it. One can only imagine the thought that goes into creating a performance that can grab the attention of even the ADHD of minds. What was Reed thinking when he told himself, “Actor it is. Acting it will be,” Not that that’s what he really said, but I like to think that I can read minds. Not really. You get what I’m saying, no?

Hopefully you good folks enjoy my interview with Reed.

For more on F. Reed Brown, visit his website here