It is sensual, beautiful, seductive, year-round, perfect, delicious, necessary, delightful, friendly, tempting, suspicious, dramatic, subtle, threatening, dangerous, heavenly, meaningful, deadly, sensational, fascinating, scandalous, brilliant, vivid, evocative, and ridiculous. There’s something about them that sets them away from a normal experience, but a necessary experience nonetheless.

I had my first experience in my teens, and sadly it was the most embarrassing first-time experience. I’d never seen anything like it – I was young, confused, immature, mesmerized, and lost in a virtual community somewhere on the Southside of Pandora. I was having my first experience with a heavy-booty woman. I say woman, but in actuality we were the same age, two young clueless kids who shouldn’t have been allowed in a room together. Anywho! Heavy-booties are unique in design, only found on a woman, in a class of their own, but rare. Not every woman cares to have and/or be a heavy-booty woman. It takes skill, genetics, appreciation, and finesse to carry a heavy-booty. They aren’t flabby, loose, ridden with dimpled flesh, fluffy, small, or poorly designed, but voluptuous, firm, heavy, usually on thicker woman or woman with thicker thighs, as it can’t be supported by toothpicks. With all due respect, I don’t say all this because what’s not a heavy-booty is less appreciated, but that heavy-booties are quite unique in their design, and I can definitely appreciate them.

I know, I know… Some of you are saying – “typical black man and his thick woman-loving ass.” Oh come now – I don’t have a history of dating any one type of lady, but one can have likes, right?

There’s something about the way they feel, move, look, and rest. A picture can’t accurately tell if a woman has a heavy-booty, it is something you must see in person to determine its pedigree.

You haven’t lived unless you’ve experienced a heavy-booty.

Forever yours,