Aside from the manufactured religious freaks who cringe at every secular expression, surprisingly, we still have many who believe sex is taboo when used in conversation. However, despite their beliefs, many of the holier than thou believe in relations and letting loose in the name of the good word. So what’s wrong with talking about sex? Why do the prudes act like they just smelled a Rhino fart after you say the word fuck or penis? Now, I personally don’t care to hear about one’s sex life or naughty expeditions, but a small dose of slippery-when-wet never hurt anyone. Seriously! We need more positivity and good vibes on this planet. More fornication, pot, cerveza, love, and laughter. Let us rebuke the unnecessary violence and hate. Don’t kill your neighbor, just fuck their daughter. Though I don’t encourage anyone to go out and shag the neighbor’s daughter (unless it’s a mutual shagging), there’s absolutely nothing wrong a little honey on the biscuits. Sex isn’t the answer to every problem or topic we need to hear on a regular, but as long as the tone is set and the mood is right… why not let loose?!

In Europe, the objective seems to be love, lust, and passion. For the exception of James Bond movies, shagging almost seems like right, no? And even Mr. Bond enjoys a floozy after a good kill. Most of their (Europe) propaganda seems like a healthy dose of love, no? I could be wrong. I don’t have extensive knowledge of Europe’s every day TV life, but most of my European friends are always happy and horny. Sadly, here in the good ol U.S. of A., we seem to love racism, materialism, death, ratchet reality TV, and evil politicians. We’re so angry in America. One of, if not the most wealthy nation, yet we are arrogant and angry. The nerve of an American’s mind. Maybe the objective should be to have a little Austin Powers in our veins. More laughter, dancing, positivity, and good times. That’s it baby! Yeah!

So for those who take life more serious than the life manual requests that we do… I encourage you to release that bent up frustration and relax your mind. Have fun and enjoy life for what it is. The word fuck or conversations on fucking shant kill you. Only your stiff reactions to harmless words and your not so easy-going brain will be the cause of your early demise… but I digress.

Love, laughter, and hugs are the key to a healthy life.

Stfu and hug someone!

Yours forever