Life is a privilege.

Have we (men) lost focus on what being a man is and how important it is to challenge ourselves?

How important is the role, man?

Are men to lead by example or fall behind?

For years, what was once considered the cornerstone of a foundation has almost become a deterrent for positive development. Yes, I’m referring to the status of man.

I will be the first to say that as a MAN I’m far from perfect – I’ve made many mistakes. Do I regret my mistakes? Absolutely not. It is extremely unhealthy to live with regrets. Stoicism. What’s done is done, right? But the fact that I’m a man or someone who’s made mistakes should not warrant unjustified or unnecessary ridicule because I’m a man and allegedly men are bad. No sex is perfect, no one person is holier than thou, and no root grows the same.

Despite whatever misfortunes we encounter, the most rewarding feeling we can have is overcoming adversity. We as men can’t be lazy. Understanding history is vital to the betterment of a clear future. And well….fellas….we need to do better.

What happened to us (men) taking pride in our heritage, education, family, appearance, mind, and communication? Are we that selfish? Have we forgotten the importance of leading by example? Being prepared? Providing a solid blueprint for discipline?

Whatever your current situation in life may be I need you to always remember one thing – there is always hope. No situation is too grim to make the best out of what you have. We can reach for the unthinkable and become great. We need to become great. It is imperative that we set sail on a course for greatness. Excuses aren’t accepted. We as men need to be everything women and children thought we would be.

Despite the many questions we as men should ask ourselves, here are a few we can start with – are you doing everything to be the best man you can be? Have you exhausted every option to be a better person? Are you willing to be selfless? Are you willing to listen?

Forever yours,