​It is thoroughly okay to adapt and keep up with the times. What is not okay is the new way of communicating and getting to know someone. I gladly dubbed this type of new age foolishness – Millennial Shit.

What is Millennial Shit you ask?

Look, one of the more interesting things about life is how we evolve as a people and how we communicate as a society. Though I’m sure an anthropologist or sociologist would have a problem with my assessment, I believe that trends and fads play a huge role in today’s society.

Think about it!

The way people communicate today verse ten years ago is WACK! Hell, just a few years ago for that matter.

I guess what I should really say is……the way these young, ridiculous, foolish, and lazy millennials communicate today has slowly dipped into the minds of the so-called traditional folks.


Messengers and other forms of social media have destroyed society’s ability to conduct simple communication and thr art of the interaction. People read a few words from a less than one hundred fifty character message and/or email and they all of sudden can tell you what you have on, how your facial expression is, what perfume you’re wearing, what’s going on in your mind, and never once did you tell or express to that person what was going on on your end.

Might I suggest some type of face to face interaction, phone conversation, not be so shallow or quick to jump to conclusions, write a letter, sign language, walk a dog, pet a turtle, something!? How on earth can you bond with someone if you can’t see them, feel them, enjoy them in their element, or learn their habits?


Yours forever,