Holy post-election!

We have a new United States President and from the looks of things Trump’s post-election doesn’t seem to be any different than his campaign – unorganized.

I personally don’t belong to any political party, never have. I believe in the best person for the job. What I don’t believe in is someone who peddles fear, belittles ethnicities, degrades religion, speaks of women like they are on sale at Target, disrespects immigrants, and then in one night tells the American people that they should bind wounds – basically how we as people should forget everything negative that was said prior to the suggestion that we should bind wounds?! This is not cool and should not be allowed anywhere in the world.

You simply can’t justify being mean to someone. It doesn’t cost you a dime to be nice and Donald J. Trump was nothing short of a racist bigot who delivered a tall glass of divisiveness, with a side order of white nationalism.

If Hillary Clinton is crooked, then it should also be okay to brand Trump as nothing short of a snake oil salesman. 90+% of politicians are crooked, so what makes his push any different?
This post-election, I encourage all Americans to do their history and learn how congress and government works.

Most people vote based on an array of issues – i.e. family or friend(s) history, tax reasons, party history, religious reasons, popularity, community beliefs, etc.
On the flip-side of all of this, Trump won. There’s no need for violence, looting, or being disrespectful. Also, let’s be VERY clear – Trump’s actions over the last year were 100% inexcusable. I do hope that he takes the office of the President with a great deal of seriousness and becomes a champion for all or his worse creation.

And let’s never forget… Everyone in the United States is a descendant of an immigrant. We, everyone, all of us… came from somewhere and the only objective we should have as people is to respect life and be thankful for this planet.

Instead of violence and disrespect, we need to come together and have a conversation that could lead to a possible solution to our societal injustices.



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