Hello, Random Thoughts & Late Nights (RTLN) family,

I hope all is well  and everything is easy-breezy. If not, hang in there, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

I’m reaching out to you beautiful people because I want to keep you up-to-date on #RTLN and the changes I’m making to the format.

Though it won’t be a huge change, I do plan to alter the content so that it touches more on my personal experiences, life, and continue to touch on the random social issues that you and I love so much. I also hope to dive into more interviews – whether it be with friends or people I meet along the way I want to share experiences that we don’t normally hear every day, and bring light to the unknown.

The goal is to keep you laughing, crying, wondering, caring, alive, friendly, weird, and all that is happy. Because no one likes a stiff ass 🙂


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Also, you can subscribe via your iPhone, Android, and Windows phone and/or tablet. If you prefer to listen via your laptop or desktop you can do that as well.

So, no excuses! Slide over to any of those directories, let’s share some laughs, good times, new experiences, and most of all one big ass group hug.

Yours forever,