Greetings y salutations!

Addiction!? Whew lawdy… It is something many of us have dealt with a time or two. If not addiction, maybe it was a struggle of some sort that you couldn’t quite get a grip on. For me, it was smoking cigarettes and allowing the nightlife to play a huge part of my life. I’m sure some of you are like,¬†cigarettes?! that’s it? Yep, that’s it!

Though smoking isn’t a huge issue for some, it was for me. Mainly because I was living a double life – hiding it from loved ones, knowing that I was progressing potential health problems and death, and not being honest with how my life was making a turn for the worst. Not only did I smoke, I drank a lot, my personality sucked, and I was not a cool person. A change was needed and I did everything I could to work toward living a better life.

When I started deejaying, I told myself, if the nightlife or any form of foolishness began to control my decision making, that I would step away. Well, the nightlife definitely took me for a ride. I was a Jockey riding a psycho bull down an endless hill. Despite that period in my life, I didn’t allow it to define who I could become. It was the period in which I started smoking and putting myself in unfortunate situations. Ultimately, I hurt people and made of fool of myself.

I don’t blame my shortcomings on the art of deejaying or the people I met along the way – I blame myself for making bad decisions. Deejaying is and will always be a wonderful art that I will forever keep close to my heart. Maybe some day I will enjoy it again.

In life, we will experience less than stellar times and we can’t allow what demons we have to distract us from greatness. I share some of my life experiences in this weeks episodes.

Disfruto el espect√°culo! (Enjoy the show!)

Episode 37

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