Call me crazy (most do), but there needs to be Sharia Law within the 3 branches of United States government, no? Better yet… let’s call it Saw Legislation. Clearly the ever so confused and dazed Donald Trump has stirred up his base of racist, misinformed, and angry humans – let’s be real, he has the majority (and uppity minorities) acting as if we (U.S.) were recently colonized by Spain. Which really makes me want to stand on street corners and pass out free  history books to the misinformed and undeniably uneducated. Have we not had enough of his rhetoric, hate, or advanced delusionary schizophrenia with involuntary narcissistic rage? The man lies and acts like he doesn’t, does he not? I would really like any and all who read or follow my blog to ask yourself these questions. If not because you have deep rooted issues with minorities and color, don’t care for environmental regulations, or paying taxes… tell me… how and why can you support someone with such covert hate? How can you defend nationalism? Do you really not want to see a happy planet?

I don’t care what party you belong to but…. might I offer a few solutions?

1. Mislead the people? we get to tie your ass to a water heater at an undisclosed location past 35th St. on the south side of Chicago and torture your toes with toothpicks

2. Steal from our tax dollars? the people get to remove fingernails from a hand of the people’s choice

3. Spark covert racism? we stick your rich ass and your office in the inner-city, no guards, no secretary, on an MLK Blvd so you can get some “hands on” experience

4. Not let a woman in on female decisions? We get to reverse your member so you can understand what’s it like to be left out.

And I know what you’re thinking… There will always be someone who tries to outsmart the system. 

Nope… I’m not having it. Just like warrior king, Leonidas I, had to climb some godforsaken mountain to meet a pack of holy-rolln’ lepers to seek counsel, those same whacked out Ephors will be the ones who handle the bidding of the people when the supreme rules are broken. Consider these beautiful servants a reservoir for the people. Clearly the abundance of snake-ass politicians won’t know whats in store for them because this will be like a hidden code in some 90’s SEGA video game that nobody on Capital Hill knows about. It’s time these elite adult babies are held accountable. 

Fuck with the people and you perish. It’s that simple.