Salutations, friends!

It’s been a while.

I know, you’ve been at the edge of your seat, carrying on with sleepless nights, begging me in your mind to return to my (ignant) ignorant pulpit to produce material for your pleasure.


Though I know none of what I just mentioned to be true, just know, that no matter what your opinion is of me, I love everybody J. I. love. Everybody! And that was just an ice breaker to rev you up before you divulge into this here post.

In any event… I took some time off for personal reasons, as I needed to gather my mind, body, and soul. I let my head and facial hair mimic that of a trucker who hasn’t showered in a few weeks. Come to think about it, I probably haven’t showered in a few weeks. Matthew McConaughey and I could be close friends. I hear he’s a total hippie off screen. Anywho.. I’ve learned that my brain works better when I don’t stress over the unnecessary. The unnecessary is me stressing myself with, I need to make sure I write this, produce that, interview this person, etc. Despite the time off and when the thoughts felt right, I brainstormed on material for the podcast, comedy, and writing. A large part of my work comes from personal experiences. The more real, the better, right? So I thought to be refreshed and recharged for my mad thinker method.

Which leads me to my next fun-filled story.

I recently had a conversation with someone who I assume was either mislead as a youth or simply did not care to understand world history. Which let me say that, I think history as a discipline and job should be right up there with engineer. Not that I personally expect any and every one to be versed in every aspect of history, but if you don’t know something, I need you to fallback and learn something! Considering how society allows history to repeat itself, I think it is important that people know what the fuck they are talking about, rather than shout shit they’ve yet to educate themselves on. I don’t know. Just a thought I suppose. In any event, me and this person (which I will refer to as person because I didn’t know them) were having a conversation about Africans and how there is such thing as black Hispanics. They proceeded to tell me that such a thing didn’t exist. Considering that I’m a black Hispanic, I thought, oh really? I then asked, are you familiar with Latin American or Caribbean history? Their response: Not really. Then I thought to myself again, why and how in the holy hell can you say something you clearly don’t know? But that seems to be the norm in society now, despite beliefs, upbringing, or outlook on life. I couldn’t tell you much about Chinese culture, however, from the small tidbits I do know, that does not mean I will then vociferate manifested foolishness. Anywho… I then helped this person understand that there is such a thing as Afro-Latinos and how words like Hispanic/Latino were essentially created by the United States to categorize immigrants. But even that didn’t seem to resonate. It was as if I was lying or randomly making up things for my health. At that point, I kindly ended the conversation. I always say, it doesn’t cost you a dime to be nice and during that conversation I felt insulted that someone would challenge that truth.

Is education, culture, and reading an overrated experience?

Who are we to blame for the shift in ignorance that is people not wanting to take the time to learn about what came before us? Embrace history and culture, don’t disrespect it. I encourage all to give history a chance, seek knowledge on a deeper level. Don’t rely on hearsay or manifested conspiracy thinking. Give grace to comprehension.

It’s never too late to relinquish your boo-boo way of thinking 🙂