It’s okay to be weird.

Yes, weird has always been in style and it will never fade.

Besides… Who wants to be uptight, stiff, normal, boring, prude, stank, or snooty? Nobody!
Conservatives like to call anyone who dares to push the limits of fashion, colorful hair, or speech… Weirdos, delusional liberals, radical, or something along these lines – Well… Maybe the world needs a few colors from the Crayola box to get things moving in society.

We need to embrace change and weirdos!
Instead of being concerned about how someone is dressed, how their hair looks, what music they listen to, what they eat, how they dance, what type of car they drive, who they love, what essential oils they wear, how they speak, etc… We need to embrace, respect, and love people for who and what they are.

This is a worldwide issue that needs everyone’s attention.

No more being mundane or judgmental – embrace weird and be different!

If you’re one of those shy folks who doesn’t think you have the moves to hit the dance floor, so what! Live a little, step out there and cut a rug (dance). You don’t need rhythm to enjoy what might seem like dancing in your mind . If you’re feeling hippie-like, then release those onions. Thinking of trying a new perfume or oil? As long as it doesn’t smell like death then douse on the sauce. Wanting to get crazy with friends, do skits and silly games? Why not, live!

Weird is cool. It’s usually on-sale or free depending on where you’re at in life.

Never miss a good chance to be weird.

Yours forever,